Monday, June 25, 2007

The tired woman and the hammer

** I know not so brief **

He searched underneath the tired woman and found nothing good to rest upon. Just the floor pressed against her skin. He looked over the smushed edges of their union and decided that he would become the floor, so that she would press her skin against him, much as she was pressed against the floor now.

He had fallen in love, he thought. So he positioned his body next to the tired woman and went to work.

He began with his toes, smashing them with a hammer until they went flat. His feet and his ankles easily conformed to the shape of the floor. His shins were slightly more work, but it didn't take long until he was up to his knees, which became knots in long wooden boards stretching across the room where the tired woman lay.

As he pounded away at his abdomen, he looked over at the tired woman and wondered what she was so tired from. But he just smiled, and continued his work.

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