Thursday, June 7, 2007

Anxiety oozes like a bloody
steak. The Bold and delicious
transfer of panic revealed.


twitches said...

"Anxiety oozes like a bloody steak." Interesting's sometimes hard for me to comment on shorter poems; I tend to over-analyze every word too much since there's so few of them. Like: why is Bold capitalized? Hmmm...

and the one below, I really like. The repetition of "many" is effective in relation to the idea of being outnumbered.

Brian said...

I write some longer poetry that I just don't post. I hope by keeping it short, people will be more willing to stop by and read before they even have a chance to decide if they really want to.

The B in Bold is an accident... not always the case though - see "Honks, Horns, and Sirens Last" or "Loosesocks" below