Monday, October 1, 2007

Life and Death

I suppose
if I had worn you
more like a jacket,
than it would be easier
to just slide you off my shoulders,
and walk out of the room.

But I wore you like a tumor
rooted deep in vital organs.
Something that I might have cut out in chunks,
but remains despite my best of efforts.


writerwoman said...

Intensely good!

Crafty Green Poet said...

very perceptive.

walden said...

I like your terse style.

walden said...

And have linked you from my blog.

Rax said...

made me nod my head to that "aha" moment. then nod again more slowly "yeah just like that we carry it, no matter how heavy..." and a deep sigh.

Brian said...

Writerwoman - thanks so much for being such a wonderful advocate and supporter of poetry, especially mine. your dedication is admirable to say the least. I'm always amazed, when out of the blue, I find I have like a dozen or more comments from you. Everything you do in this community is amazing - from the local commenting, to the poets who blog site, to your own wonderful poems.

Anna said...

Hey this is really good! I'm pretty picky in terms of poetry, most of the stuff I read, I don't really like. I like your poetry.

Brian said...

Thanks Anna! You have so many blogs. Where do I begin? Somewhere is better than nowhere I suppose.

writerwoman said...

Your welcome Brian. I love your brief poems. I wish I could visit all the PWB but I can only stop by my favorites, usually. I'm always glad when I have time to cruise over here and get caught up in your words, thoughts, and the images they provoke.