Tuesday, October 16, 2007

New Blog!

For whatever reasons, I am trying to organize my poetry on this blog into collections. I have started a new blog called Bside Poetry, which reflect my attempts at this endeavor. Check it out. While on this blog (brief poems), I love to get comments and critique on individual poems; I would prefer at Bsides to receive comments and critique about the collections as a whole.

Anyway, I thought this was a new and interesting way to force me to go back and look at old poetry, and concern myself with poetic work even when I am uninspired to write anything new.


rch said...

Hi Brian,

I was at my lawyer's office yesterday and picked up a New Yorker to check the poetry. I read one called 'Eleven Poems' by Les Murray and immediately thought of your new blog. I highly recommend checking it (the poem if you can find it)out because it sounds almost like what you want to do, and his style is very similar to yours. Take care,


Brian said...

thanks rch! I will definitely check it out.

Brian said...

I was able to find lots of poem by Les Murray, but not the specific one you mentioned. If you find it on the internet somewhere, let me know.