Sunday, October 21, 2007

Assisted Living

An old woman
rests in bed
like uneaten

Slipping in and out
through bedsores
and the changing
of diapers,

a background
of television noise
washes her clean.


paris parfait said...

This is very sad and disturbing, for anyone who's ever had a grandparent in a nursing home. An interesting poem.

Jo said...

So sad. But well done.

janetleigh said...

This *is* sad and a subject one usually doesn't encounter on poetry group sites. But I'm awfully glad to see you've covered such a sensitive subject, Brian. It can move a person to check out volunteering at a nursing home to bring some joy into a life bereft in hope and companionship. You've done a good job in presenting the realities of life for those in nursing homes.

LittleWing said...

spoken well...after working in a resthome and visiting my grandmother...yes, spoken well..

tumblewords said...

Sad reality. Presented nicely -