Thursday, November 8, 2007

Birth Control

She crams her love
into a cardboard box
and sits upon it.


A wounded bird
is warming her eggs.


writerwoman said...

This one I had to read a couple of times to try and decipher what it means to me. It is a like a photograph where you try and imagine the person's whole life from that one shot.

Brian said...

I'd be interested to here what it finally did mean to you. I am honestly trying to decipher what it means to me now. I honestly believe that I write things and then read them in order to learn about myself. I don't have privledged access to my feelings and thoughts in some abstract sense just because it's me... I have to go looking at what I have done in order to figure myself out.

Anna said...

I completely got it! This was great! I got the total picture and it made me laugh.