Monday, November 12, 2007

I am dragged by the nostrils
into bed with a beautiful woman.


polka dot witch said...

hi, brian!

i just "met" you over at read. write. poem. and i had to say hello here b/c i'm fascinated by short poetry. i guess "brief" is a better word. you've nailed it.

haiku is not my thing. i used to think it was because of its "brevity," but it's not. i don't always want to do that whole revelation in a natural setting thing. i do like american sentences and other "brief" poems, so i look forward to reading more.

obviously, i use too many words. i only meant to say, "hi"

ozymandiaz said...


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janetleigh said...

This is great brief poem, Brian! To be 'dragged by a woman's fragrance' off to bed is sublime imagery. I likes it..:)