Monday, December 24, 2007

The clothing scattered
about my room
searches for you.

Under the bed.
Behind the dresser.
In the closet.

Someday they will
give up on you.


writerwoman said...

Its starts with such longing, and crashes at the end with overwhelming sadness. Very effective poem. You can't read this one without feeling something, if you have a heart.

Anonymous said...

Achingly poignant, Brian.

Anna said...

As usual, fantastic pictures, Brian. Such a communication of the emotion.

Anonymous said...

As Janet said - very poignant. Heart-wrenching.

Not sure if you could leave out the last line, though. Just wondering.

Brian said...

reluctantscribe - yeah i agree you about the last line. I have taken it out, with nothing to replace it. I'll ponder it over for a while. Perhaps a title will be able to fill its place.

Christy said...

such empty sadness in this
and yet
there still is hope

much enjoyed!

Deborah Vatcher said...

There is so much emotion packed in this poem. Fine work. I enjoyed this very much. Thank you.