Friday, November 16, 2007

American Sentences

For Fun, I'm boring out chunks of brain during the electrical storm.

If only you were as dead as a stinking pile of moldy leaves.

Geezus is the name of my savior, who I call daily for pity

The banister of family tradition spins and crashes to the floor.


writerwoman said...

Stopping by to ask how your I Promise blogroll is going. Have you been able to stop by the other poets blogs on Thursdays? Have they stopped by yours?

Please come to Poets Who Blog and let me know.


writerwoman said...

The last one stands out for me. It is nearly alive to me.It embodies years of pain, love, hate, joy, and commitment that goes on in each family.

slynne said...

I love the leaves one. Suck a sentiment I feel so often.